Friday, April 9, 2010

baby animals

(wow- another picture loaded post. just be patient with me)
we spent our lovely thursday afternoon at the baby animals days with kell and her sis in-law mindy and her 4 adorable kids. avery was in little animal heaven and cute as ever holding and petting all the animals.

we took a short little train ride around the park area. everytime ave heard the train she would make her choo-choo train noises.

one of her favorite things was sticking her hand in the baby goats mouth. she just giggled the whole time.

she got to hold a baby turtle. i think she gave the workers a little scare cause the first thing she did was squeeze her little hand shut and almost smashed him. it crawled all over her hands and little arms. she wasn't quite sure what to think about the pigs. they weren't very active but ave managed to get a little rise out of one by stepping on its tail.

she was in love with the bunny rabbits and totally amazed by thier little wiggly noses.

did i mention how cute mindy's kids are. they had so much fun tossing bean bags and going down the inflatable slides.

it was a fabulous day to say the least.


meag said...

thats so sweet. did i mention that you can't move to brazil....or if you do, leave ave with me. she gets cuter by the second. come see me asap. i miss you two.

Maren said...

These pictures are very cute. I love kids and animals. Always makes for a precious time. And you look unbelievably happy in all the pictures. So happy for your cute life! :) Miss you...and that twin of yours with the comment up there. I just miss my Webb twins.

McNinch Family said...

Oh wow!! What a fun day for your little lady! We thought about taking Sofie but decided she is still too small to understand what animals are! I hope its ok that I found your blog, I'm new to the blogging world! Your pictures are so darling!

Amanda said...

Your litle Avery is SO cute! What a fun day!
I LOVE!!! your headband! Where did you get it and how can I get one, seriously? :)

Heather Favre said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! This is the most adorable post to date, I'm pretty sure. So cute, Lis.