Thursday, March 11, 2010

busy, sick and ready for a vacation

yeah! spring break is finally here and it came just in time. we've all been sick over the past week but we are feeling much better for the most part and are so ready for a sunny california vacation. we're super excited to spend the week with my lovely family. i'm sure the boys, and kell, will go golfing at least once or twice everyday, so the rest of us girls will have such a relaxing time. i'm in desperate need of quality family time since we're moving after graduation in may.. (more on that later).

all of the kids in my family got this for my mom for an early mothers day gift so she could enjoy the road trip a little more. i had never heard of them until about 2 weeks ago and now i am totally loving the amazon kindles. it is officially on my wish list, along with a hundred other things.

we really haven't been up to tons lately except for the past few days i have been super busy making a handful of headbands for my little sisters dance team for dance competition gifts. dont ask me how i got roped into doing this, being that i've never made these kinds of headbands before, but i sure enjoyed it and will soon be making myself one in every color. i snapped a picture right after i finished them and the only thing i could find to display them was my rod iron decor.

well, this post is completly random and i have been totally lame at taking pictures lately but i promise we have a life...a happy, busy, far-from-perfect but wonderful life.

be back next week!!

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Lauren Tatton said...

So cute! Im sorry you are sick! I want to learn how to make those headbands! They are awesome! You are so great! Oh and sorry about the crib wow who would of thought! I hope you are doing good! I think about you and your little fam!