Tuesday, February 16, 2010

wanna go?

we're going to the happiest place on earth for spring break this year and we're super excited. the best part about it is that we're going for free!!

disney has a great promotion this year called give a day, get a disney day! all you do is go do a few hours of volunteer service and you get a days ticket to disneyland. it only covers one theme park not a hopper pass so we're going to upgrade to a hopper for 25 bucks!! pretty sweet, huh?

it felt good to go volunteer and do some community service for a few simple hours. i'd say we're getting the better end of the deal with mr. walt disney.... but thanks anyways!

go here for details.


biff, rosie and hazel said...

ooooooooooh how I miss disneyland! I need to find another volunteer opportunity because the one we had set up fell through! Have so much fun!

Hill said...

Oh how Addi would love to go to Disneyland. Sure wish that Bren had a spring break. But there is a chance that we may be moving near there so I'm sure that we will go so. Hope that everything is going well with you guys.

preston. shawnee. cohen said...

Oh my gosh I've seen this!!! So you guys acutally did it huh?!? That's sweet, I totally want to do it. Where did you voluteer at?
By the way I just found your blog through Katies, I've been wanting to come find your blogs for a while now! Anyway, leave me you email on the blog I'm typing from and I'll send you an invite to our private blog if you want one :)