Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 months

Dear Avery,

Why do you have to keep growing up so fast? i sure do love you but am a little bitter at the fact that you are
six months old already. before i know it you are going to be running around and talking to me. i love how your little personality keeps changing and growing everyday. i dont think dad and i have smiled and laughed so much as we have the past six months. you are so full of spunk already. please keep sleeping through the night and taking good naps. i'd really appreciate that. also, maybe you could try to like baby food a little more and perhaps take a bottle once and a while, that would be real helpful. and could you maybe stop growing for just a little while. i really like this stage you're at. other than that, i think your perfect. thank you for being such a wonderful little girl. we are so lucky to have you. i hope you always know how much
i love you.

love, mom

6 months stats:
weight- 16 lbs 8 oz (62%)
height - 26.3 inches (63%)

things avery loves this month
  • her tongue.
  • the swimming pool
  • sitting up
  • mashed potatoes and popsicles
  • her dad
  • playing with toys
  • chewing on anything and everything
  • being outside


meag said...

i think i say this every time ADORABLE ADORABLE. why does she keep getting cuter and cuter.

Keenan and Brittani Atwood said...

Wow that girl of yours is a cute one!! I can't believe she's six months old already!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

goes by fast huh? so stinkin cute!

linzy said...

what a cute polka dot outfit. and she is so cute!

Lauren Tatton said...

Good Job on the race! Avery is adorable! You are such a good momma! Im so happy for you! Yeah she sleeps through the night! You just need to work on having another one!! :)