Tuesday, December 15, 2009

month overview

okay, so i've already concluded that one of my top new years resolutions is to be a less pathetic blogger. we're still crossing our fingers for a new computer without a virus. yes, i love avery, but it's sad that the only updates i do is when she turns another month old. hold me to it!
update of the last month:

this last month has been a whirl-wind. cannot believe it is the middle of december already. there are so many things that i love about this time of year. i love the smell of my christmas tree, i love the snow on the grounds, i love wrapping gifts and using a little creativity to come up with budget friendly gifts, and i absolutely love getting to spend time with our families. this past weekend we went home for the webb christmas party. when we were at my parents house before the party avery found my mom's baby Jesus under her tree. she just kept kissing him and giving baby Jesus a bottle. we sat and watched her do this for almost ten minutes. it was pretty cute.

my parents came to logan yesterday to deliver our christmas present a little early. for the past few years my parents have given us food storage for our gift. it is sure a great present and i more and more thankful for it every year. i'm happy to know that we wont ever go hungry. (our christmas tree is without lights in this picture. i promise it looks better now.)


last week meag and i made a wedding cake for one of meags best friends (with a little help with some details from meags friend sammy and kell and spence, thanks). i love how this cake turned out. we still need a little help on the top real layer getting it all square and perfect looking but we are really getting the hang of everything else. here meag and i are in our 2 am glory, we got a late start on the cake, and here is the finished product.

obviously avery is 11 months old now, hence the reason i'm posting. she has been so fun this month. she is the loudest baby i know. sundays at church are sometimes a struggle with her cause she is so loud. i get a kick out of her everyday with the sounds she makes and the faces she pulls. she moo's like a cow everytime she see's one in our nativities (and any other animal that resembles a cow) and she oink's at her piggy bank. i'm also pretty sure she says ball now and loves me rolling it back and forth with her. she can blow kisses. she has said hi a few times too but its too inconsistent to consider it in her vocabulary yet. she still hasnt got a clue how to walk, except along furniture, and everytime we try to get her to stand her little legs just crumble beneath her. love this little girl and can not believe she will be a 1 year old in a few weeks.


linzy said...

she is so cute!!! loved your post!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

Too cute Lisser! Love little Avery, love the cake, and love you!!!

Beaner said...

So talented! Your little girl is adorable!

TandNdschaak said...

Avrey is just so cute! I'm looking forward to Emma hitting some of those milestones!

Your family pictures are just the cutest too!

meag said...

11 months. where the freak did that year go. at least she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Curtis and Whitney Giles said...

I love how much she loved the baby Jesus! Where did the year go? Presley is so loud in church too..i totally understand!

Sharee said...

I love how she kissed and fed baby Jesus. SO CUTE! She is so big, and talking...oh my. Time goes way too fast. Love the big balls on our tree too.

Keenan and Brittani Atwood said...

Oh she is cute- 11 months- wow!!! Got your Christmas card today- adorable! :)