Monday, November 2, 2009

weekend get-a-way

ave and i went on a little trip with my parents last weekend up to northern idaho to watch my sister, syd, play in her state volleyball tournament. i was of course a little stressed out about how ave would do crammed in her car seat for 10 hours, but she was a little angel. it was a short little trip but we had fun while it lasted. we left on thursday and syd's team had 2 games on friday and unfortunatly they lost both so they were out. we stayed over one more night and got up and left saturday morning so we could make it to the declo boys football playoff game in pocatello. syd also turned 16 last thursday. i am seriously jealous of how cute syd is. good luck keeping the boys away. (so many pictures again...sorry, enjoy!!)

avery loved her grandpa this weekend. every time he held her she would just cuddle up with him. he probably put her to sleep at least 5 times that day. it was cute. ellie, the coaches daughter helped kept avery entertained during the volleyball games. she didnt quite understand that avery couldn't play back but still tried bouncing or rolling the volleyball to her.

this is syd's team. not a great picture but the only good one i got. and here's my car-seat loving girls. i was seriously so happy she did so well the whole trip!!

we ate at a floating restraunt while in coeur de lane. it was a little out of our leauge. i dont think they'd had a baby in there for a while cause they kept coming over and asking us if she wanted a cracker or juice. my favorite was when the hostess came and brought avery some crayons and paper and asked if she wanted to color... right, she's 10 months old, maybe she'd like to eat the crayons.
we met up with trae at the football game. since we weren't doing anything super fun for halloween we dressed ave up in her pumpkin outfit for the game. it worked perfectly and she even sported declo hornet colors.
we've been practicing with avery how old she is going to be by holding up #1 and she has just started pointing her finger at things. i think she was just happy the team won and was stating that hornets are #1.

thanks for letting avery and i tag along mom and dad. we sure had a fun weekend!1


Keenan said...

Super cute, Lis! It's so fun to see some pics of your family- I can't believe how old your sisters are getting! Ave's Halloween garb is adorable!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe how much your little sister looks like you! so pretty! and avery looked SO saucy as a pumpkin!
love, Rebekah

Sammy said...

Such a cute pumpkin! always such a cutie, so I know its a little late notice but i'm having a boutique tonight open house 6-8 you should for sure stop by! bring friends or anyone, it will be a lot of fun! check out my blog for me deets. hope to see you!