Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Mother...

My cute mom..what a woman she is!! I'm pretty much in debt to her for everything she has taught and done for me. Look at this girl...all 5 foot 4 inches of her is pure sweetness. Everyday I am amazed at the things she does as a mother, wife, daugther, friend, peacemaker, leader, etc.!!! I sure do love you mom!!

What i love about you....

1. You love our Dad and are so positive and supportive of him with the things he is going through right now. I'm sure there are days when you want to through in the towel, but you never show it and make sure he is taken care of all the time.

2. I can still call and talk to you every single day, (and I do). I know sometimes my call are pointless but i'm so glad we have a relationship that i can call and talk to you about anything.

3. You are my greatest example of service. You have shown me how to serve others so willingly by your example.

4. You love the Gospel and make sure your children know it. I love how you share your testimony often and let us know how important the Gospel is to you.

5. You raised three kids under the age of 1... (i don't know how you did it but i think we turned out alright)...and then three more after that. I only hope i can be as good as a mother and nurturer as you are.

6. You make me laugh.

7. You make me cry.

8. You said you won't come and visit me when i have a home if it's dirty. (I'm sure glad you dont see my house everyday) but i love how tidy you are and am so thankful for your example of cleanliness.

9. You have always been my best cheerleader and supporter. Even if you didnt always know what you were talking about, i loved that you were so involved and hardly ever missed a game or meet.

10. You are so strong and positive through your trials and help everyone else get through theirs. I've never seen some with so much gratitude for the things they experience but you help me know that whatever it is that i face, it could always be worse and i still have blessings to count.

all six of us kids home with our mom on Mothers Day.

We love you Mom!!!


Greg and Chels said...

Look how good you are at the blogging thing!! Good work, it's super cute, I love it!!

Layne and Krissy said...

hey Lis! i'm so excited to see you as a blogger now. When I need advice about volleyball I can reach you easily! Well, I love your mom blog and your right she is an amazing person!

Sharee said...

I loved reading the tribute to your Mom. I don't know her well but you nailed it. She is an amazing lady and a great example to all. Easton said it perfect, He was looking at the pict of all of you and said "Meagan, Meagan your mom is stinkin' cute, she is stinkin' cute." He is right on the money.

Kelsey Riley said...

You and Meag have such a cute family! I've never seen such a good looking family before! ha ha! I hope all is going awesome for you and it's good to see that you have joined the rest of us blog-aholics! ha ha!