Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter round-up

For me easter can go one of two ways each year depending on the weather.  we got lucky this year and it was every bit of enjoyable as i had hoped.  we started our day in Raft River with the big webb family.  the family has changed so much and there are so many new little babies and kids running around.  our mom's are now grandmas and we keep the kiddo's coming.  its crazy, no doubt, but so good to get together the chances we can.
ave had so much fun on the big easter egg hunt.  every time she found a piece of candy hidden she would say, "i just can not believe this, i can't believe it." or, "i am just so anxious about this," (she has no clue what anxious means), and kept wanting to get extra candy for her (imaginary) friends, shelly, kelly, ellie, fetch, and gracie meadow.  she's a serious crack up.

after that party we went to my parents house and had a little hot-dog roast, dyed eggs, and played games.

ave woke up to some gifts from the easter bunny.  i swear i could give this girl a single jelly bean and she would be pretty happy, but she was super pleased with her  loot this year.

we had matt try to snap a quick family picture before church.  getting a decent picture with 2 busy kids and 2 adults who must blink more than normal is difficult.  hopefully i can find a really good one in there but for now these will do.

we ended the day at my G&G Garrard's house for dinner.
i think i could rival just about anyone about having the best grandparents out there. they're hard to beat.
and even though we tend to celebrate Easter for all the wrong reason, i truly am grateful for my Savior's atonement above all else.



meag said...

Great post after a great weekend love all your adorable pics.

Macey Peterson said...

she was so nice to get some candy for shelly, ellie, kelly fetch and gracie meadow. :)

love ave & jane's faces in that first family pic. oh, and your hair!!

The Dschaaks said...

I don't know what you're talking about, your family pictures are SO least avery will smile! I love your girl's cute Easter outfits!

morgan j. said...

Awww such a cute little family! those two little girls are getting so big! I miss you guys! -mal

Rebekah said...

first of all, your family is so cute, and I LOVED your color coordinated Easter outfits, good job! That Easter looked like so much fun, like the perfect family weekend. I love how big your parents fire pit is, so perfect for roasting! I think that is so cute that Avery has all those imaginary friends, there were so many names! So cute!
love, Rebekah

hailey said...

melissa :) love your blog! and this whole post was adorable. umm that polka dot skirt from jcp? adore. i'm totally saving up for it! you're too cute. (and so is your sweet little family!) so glad we can re-connect through crazy technology these days! love you lady!

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