Wednesday, May 16, 2012

life lately

in no correct order, this is a little of what we have been up to.

trae's cousin bryce got married. here are the 6 boy cousins all the same age.
this handsome guy graduated from college with his mba. i bought him a new suit for the occasion. however, he chose to go to the said wedding instead of walking. suit worked great for that as well
 love having me a handy, hardworking husband doing double duty. plus, the girls love it.
 we are loving the warm summer weather. popsicles and lots of outside time.
 except this one is afraid of the water.  seriously hates getting wet.  gonna be a long, hot summer.
 my girls on mothers day.  so happy i get to be their mom.
 my mom playing with the kids at our mothers day bbq. love her.
favorite things girls night. so much fun and so many new favorite things.
 jane has found a new best friend.  and sprouted her first tooth without me even knowing. sweet thing.
oops.  mom forgot sunscreen.

we are just enjoying having trae home from school now, and loving the warm summer weather.  we have little busy summer that is just beginning and i can't wait.


meag said... did get something done today. one of those including giving your daughter a first class ticket to skin cancer. way to go!! other than that cute things are happening in your neck of the woods. loves

Macey Peterson said...

she has a tooth? what in the world. i'm not really ready for her to grow up yet.

Adele said...

Hey just found your blog from Abby's! Seriously cute girls. I don't think any of our kids escape childhood without getting a bad sunburn. Just last week Beckett got a blister on his ear from getting burned. I felt like such a good mom!

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