Tuesday, June 19, 2012

memorial day

i'm here, playing catch up....my least favorite game. but i would regret it if it didn't get done.  so in few words, and lots of pictures, here goes.

memorial day weekend: avery loves her uncles (and her not pictured aunts). and we love having them around, except for the fact that after they leave avery wants us to act like dogs and buy her cool pets and movies and things like that, because thats what her cool aunts and uncles do.  trae's grandpa and grandma have a big memorial day lunch with all of gramps siblings and kids.  lots of fried chicken, shasta pop and ice cream sandwiches.  it was a good time until our car kinda got stolen.  turns out an distant extended family member that has demetia jumped in our car and drove away with it. we were lucky that nothing happened to him or it and that we found it later.  and its comical now that i think of it.

and jane is just pleasant pretty much all the time.

after lunch we went to swimming at Nat-Soo-Pah with trae's brothers and sister.  i'm quite a fan of warm water swimming pools.  avery loves swimming as long as her head is above water... which was near impossible when going down the slide and resulted in her inhaling a little too much water, but drew and mace took good care of her.  

and two more just cause i think she is cute.  peek-a-boo and her first ice cream cone.


Macey Peterson said...

whenever i write a post i can be confident that one by you will shortly follow, or already be there. we're on the same schedule.

next we just need a ragnar post. :)

love all those pictures of janers in her suit. she'd just too dang cute. or as grandpa coltrin would say "she's just absolutely perfect!" he's right.

morgan j. said...

i love the picture of little jane eating her ice cream cone. :)

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