Monday, December 12, 2011

webb christmas

we had our annual webb christmas party on saturday.  it was the first time in forever that every single person was there. 80+ people.  were were also celebrating my grandpas 80th birthday. we took family pictures, did a little gift exchange, played minute-to-win-it games, and ate lots of good food.  its always so good to catch up with all the family you only see a few times a year.  lots of changes since last time we were together.  we're so blessed to come from such a great family.  

we even had an after-party party at my parents house.  they've started an 'it's a wonderful life' tradition.  we watched the movie, talked about how wonderful our lives are, ate some more really good food, watched my parents do a little 'just dance' and played games.  i love this time of year!

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meag said...

we have a fabulous family. such a great party. both of them. cute pictures