Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Gracie turned 3 last week and we got to go to her fun little party and 'party hardy.' it's a fun little bounce house with lots of additional play rooms.  i loved it and thought ave would be going crazy with all the fun blown up tramps and slides, but no, she would have rather played with the one bouncy ball and her little minnie and daisy figurines for 2 hours.  i have a slight anti-social on my hands.   she plays so well by herself and can keep herself entertained for hours.  most days it's quite nice, but there are some days i just want her to be a social butterfly.  one day i'm sure... she is only 2.  meag and preston were in town so they came along and preston loved it.  it sure is nice being back where we get to see eachother often.  meag is having a baby girl a few months after our little girl.  i am soooo excited that girl #2 will have a friend close in age in the family... trae's side of the family isn't really pulling through on the 'give our kids some cousins' part yet... (they need to get on it). anyways. i can't wait.

here's some party hardy action. 

notice avery's tackle-like birthday hug.  no messing around there.  thanks for having a birthday grace and letting us come celebrate with you!


meag said...

oh so cute. thanks for taking pictures. that was a fun party tho, and were glad we could go. when are you coming up next week

Macey Peterson said...

hm...for some reason i feel like you were talking directly to me on the getting some cousins part. (since i'm the only one capable of providing at the moment...)

i'm working on it. okay, not really.....but don't worry...ave will have some cousins before she moves out. you can count on that. :)