Monday, June 13, 2011

loving lately

just a few things that i have been loving lately.

my kindle.  we dont have too many english book stores available here in brasil, but this little gadget has been the greatest replacement for bookstores. i occasionaly miss holding a real book, but very rarely. i have read so many books over the last few months.  what are some of your favorites. i'm almost done with my current book and don't have one on my waiting list.

pinterest.  i started using pinterest a few months ago and am still slightly addicted.  i think of it as collection of favorite magazine clipping, but online and much neater and organized.  most of you have probably jumped on the bandwagon, but if you havent and want an invitation to join, give me your email address.

mindy gledhill. her music is so calm and refreshing. i'm loving it and could listen to it on replay for hours.

moraccon oil.  greatest hair product i own.  it has been so fabulous here in brasil.  i think i can count on 2 hands the number of times i've blow dryed and straightened my hair while living here.  the result isnt always the prettiest hair, but its way too humid to dry it and make it more brittle just to have the humidity get ahold of it an hour later.  magic in a bottle.

these shoes.  i'm still undecided on regular toms.  i know i'm a year or two behind, but i've been out of the loop for a while in brasil and i just decided i am loving their wedges.  if they are as comfortable as everyone says the regular shoes are, or close, i think they might be winners and something i'll have to get when i get home. am i missing out by not trying the normal toms?

and of course, i am loving these two.  they have made the last year in brasil so bearable and fun.  they both make me laugh on a regular basis and make my heart beat a little bit faster everyday.  i love them most of all.
(taken during trae and ave's late night swim the other day)  


Abby Rae said...

You'll have to show me your kindle when you get back, I'd love to see what it's like. I too am addicted to pinterest...thanks to you. And my regular toms are super awesome. The best running-around shoe ever, but I want to try their wedges as well...Mindy Gledhill is seriously one of my favorite artists ever. I have one of her first CD's which pretty much changed my life. That Moroccan oil must be great, because your hair always looks amazing in pictures! Great list!!

Amanda said...

I am just starting the pinterest addiction, and loving it! Such a great idea, because I'm always searching for a long time for something I saw once, and then can never find it again! So Pinterest is my new favorite thing.
Brenda used Moroccan oil in my hair once after she did it, and I loved it, but don't really know where to find it (I'm sure I could find it if I looked a little harder), but how expensive is it?
I love when people posts lists like this and being introduced to new, great things! I'll have to look up Mindy Gledhill, I don't think I've heard of her!

meag said...

so i need help finding a good kindle cover. and haven't jumped on the mindy gledhill bandwagon yet, only because i haven't really listened to her, but if you like her, i am sure i will too. i, at first was not a tom-lover, but feel that i might turn into one, not sure....have $75 of birthday money left to spend and trying to find the perfect thing to spend it on. any suggestions. toms? clothes? home decor?

Curtis and Whitney Giles said...

I have been meaning to get on pinterest just been busy with a new baby, but heard its awesome! Love my toms...I thought they were so ugly at first but gave in and LOVE them. Great for running around town with kiddos. I heard of Moroccan oil...I will have to look more into it! Love hearing about your fav. things!

Macey said...

i'm seriously obsessed with moraccon oil. and the tom wedges are on my wish list. but just because im obsessed with toms. it's unhealthy. :)

can't wait to see you in a week and a half!

Lauren Tatton said...

I want an invit to Pintrest Im behind the times I guess! Also have not even heard of Toms! So thanks for keeping me up to date! Even if you are behind the times in Brazil your still ahead of me in CT! Im excited for you to go home!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

I have no idea about any of the stuff you were talking about (except for TOMS), but they all sound cool. You'll have to tell me more about them when your home! But I have the regular TOMS and I really like them! I think they're super comfy! I have red ones and Jordan bought me more when he was in china (for ridiculously cheap I might add;). I say they're great but ive never tried the wedges but they look cute. Ok anyway, please please call me when you get back and hopefully we can meet up before you head up to Idaho (which I'm super upset that your moving there!!!! Grrrrrrrr!) k love you lisser!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

I agree, pinterest can for sure be addicting! I've always wanted to try morracon oil... but never have... so i guess i should!!
And I have a pair of regular toms, and LOVE them. I seriously wear them all. the. time.