Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love this face (2)

i have been a slightly pathetic blogger. forgive me? we are getting trunky and ready to go home.  we have had a great time but our little family is ready for something new. only 27 days. we made ourselves a count down chain last night but it's not really supressing the 'cant wait to be home' feelings. ave has been having occasional breakdowns over how much she misses home and wants to go to grandma and grandpas house and play in the snow or jump on the tramp or feed papas cows or eat nemo fruit snacks and spaghettios with grandma, etc.. i am amazed at how she holds onto those few memories of grandpa and grandmas house and now craves them.

 i remembered this post the other night while ave was sitting on my bed.  take one was slightly more animated but this one is funny too. i don't know why i always choose to do it with food on her face, no shirt, and crazy hair, but sometime thats our life.  if only you could see the personality behind these faces.  the other day when i was telling avery something she said "mom, i don't understand you" with a sassy little attitude.  feelings are mutual sweet girl.  i wish i knew every little thing that went on in that mind of hers but instead i just laugh at her hilariousness.  
i can't wait for my family to see how much she has grown up over the last 4-5 months.  she is a total spit-fire. i'm pretty sure that living with a house full of teenagers has taught her a little extra sass and attitude and most days don't pass without a battle or two. but today she has been the most pleasant thing and i've loved every single second of her.  right now she is in love with us making up stories for her before naps and bedtime.  her dad is far more creative than i am.   i could listen to him make up stories for her every night and listen to her giggle at how silly they are, while wondering how i got so lucky. how did i? its even cuter to listen to her make up stories or try to retell her daddies stories while she reads books to her dolls and stuffed animals.  

oh the life of a 2 year old.

i have to speak in church again this Sunday.  2 times in less than a year.  is that normal?  pretty sure i'm gonna have trae stand up with me and translate some of it.  i've done the type my talk in portuguese and read straight off the paper route one time already and frankly, my portuguese hasn't improved a ton since then.  this way i can focus a little more on the content and saying what i'm thinking rather than wondering if what i just said was even a word or made sense. 
trae is still sick of being sick but hopefully on the up-side of it all.  he is seriously the best dad. ave is head over hills for him and has him wrapped around her little finger and i am more in love with him every single day.  right now as i type, trae just told ave that he needed to go take his medicine and ave got all sad and said "oh, are you not feeling berry good dad.  do you need a kiss?  mom, he needs a kiss?" i think ave and i better go kiss him better.  that doesn't sound too bad to me.


Hill said...

Oh how she reminds me of Addi at that age. I know I've said that before but reading this reminded me again. We are excited for you guys to be back in the states even if we are still states away. At least we are not oceans. What e-mail address do you use. I think I have a diffrent one for you. you can send it to me at my


Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

i just love you lisser! i can't wait for you guys to come home!!!! (Please PLEASE tell me you are moving to utah!!....please?! with a cherry on top!) oh by the way...guess who i saw tonight out of total randomness? Reed Blackburn from you remember him? haha, anyway it was funny. ok, well i hope you are moving close to me so we can play lots and wyatt and avery can start up where they left off. haha, jk

Rebekah said...

I can't believe you are almost home! I can't imagine living outside the country for that long! So are you coming to live in Idaho Falls?? Those faces that Avery makes are so fun, I think she and Brady would play real good together! These pictures reminded me of those emotion posters...I hope you know what im talking about :)
love, Rebekah

Rissa said...

I am sort of in love with your blog. :) I came across it, really randomly, and read a few posts. You're daughter is a doll.

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Oh my goodness, I've been meaning to snap all the different faces Cohen makes and you've totally inspired me to do it. How cute, I love all her faces :)

Preston is speaking in church this week too!.... but not for the second time ha. You will do great... no matter what language you're speaking :) Good luck!

oh p.s. glad you found me on pinterest!