Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daddy's girl

trae decided  he wasnt going to shave his 'mustache' until BYU loses.  he didn't really get good genes when it comes to the facial hair department, there's just not that much to show, but its growing nonetheless, about one week and counting. ave must have thought it was pretty cool yesterday when they were back rough-housing around together cause the next thing i know avery is sporting herself a pretty sweet mustache.  i can guarantee you she thought she was the coolest thing since sliced cheese.

(she looks like a mix between johnny dep and princess turns prince, not so much a look-like-daddy mustache)

ave is turning into a little daddy's girl and its about the cutest thing i've seen. she can rope her dad into doing just about anything.  they have regular singing and dancing parties.  the other day trae taught ave to sing and dance to "single ladies" and she is pretty much spot on with the hip shaking and main words of the song.  i could watch them play together for hours.  goodness, i love those two.


meag said...

oh come on lis, i really wanted to see trae's facial hair too. cute little ave....she never does disappoint.

Rebekah said...

That father-daughter relationship is just darling!! I can't wait to see it develop with my future daughter:) That mustache is hilarious on her, and of course she still looks so cute with it!!
love, Rebekah

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

i wish wyatt was a mama's boy, but he's all daddy's boy!! I'm not alowed to do ANYTHING when Jordan's around. I did however get lucky with Chamberlain...he's most defintely a mama's boy. :)

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Hahaha how funny. Her face goes perfectly with the whole ensemble. She's getting so big!! I love daddy's and daughters :)

Abby Rae said...

Oh too cute, and that mustache on ave is hilarious!! Pretty sure Jared and Trae share the awkward facial hair gene :) gotta love it.