Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ready to go!

our bags are packed--actually they've been ready for a few days--i guess i'm excited to go home.  i am nervous to be making the looooong trip by myself with a squirmy, busy 19 month old, but maybe she'll suprise me and do great just like she did on the way here (prayers greately appreciated).  we fly to miami tomorrow, spend the night in the airport and then make the rest of the trip to SLC friday morning. it will most likely be a long two days for us but i'm praying that we wont run into any complications that will make it even longer. oh, how i cant wait to be home, even though i will miss the husband terribly while we're gone. this little gal is ready to go. she's got her new backback with a few prizes for the airplane ride, and enough suckers, cookies, chip and crackers to last a good week.  sugar makes little kids sleep during airplane rides, right?

oh sweet little avery, please please be nice for me. i really need your cooperation on this one. thanks, love you!

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Sharee said...

so excited your coming. I know your sis is dying to see you too. I hope avery will be good too. I am sure she will. GOOD LUCK! Hopefully we will get to see yuou too.