Thursday, May 20, 2010


well, we survived our first week here. i'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that this is my new home. this place is not even remotely like my other home. for now, we live on the beach, on the 11th floor of a sky scraper apartment building, next to the miles and miles of other sky scrapers, with 4 million(+) people, all of whom i can not understand a lick of what they are sayin. i just might be a little claustrophobic from it all.
however, it's exciting to think that the next year or so will be full of so many new adventures.
like, coloring my mother-in-laws hair because she doesn't trust/ know anyone here to do it.

or realizing that if you sit on a glass table it will indeed break into pieces.
or figuring out how the people 11 floors below us walking on the street can hear Avery say 'hi' to them 55 times a day.
or my favorite, enjoying simple days on the beach.

I miss home like crazy most days (okay, lets be honest, every single day). This 'new home' is so far from what i'm used to and comfortable with, and it will surely take some time getting used to, but i'm pretty sure we are gonna be just fine here.


Greg~Chels~Livi~Gracie said...

How Crazy!! I hope everything is going great! I'm a little jealous of the warm sunny days there! We will definitely be missing you! Hopefully we can see you when you come in August!!

Rebekah said...

i can not even imagine that adjustment...such a different world outside of America huh?? but that beach looks real relaxing, at least that is a good perk:) you are gonna be SO tan!!
love, Rebekah

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

It's definitely an adjustment living out of the country but it really is a neat experience. In Luxembourg I was alwas missing home and everything was so different and weird but it was such an adventure every day! I wish I took more advantage of our time there so make sure you enjoy it! I miss you! Isn't it crazy that Avery really has no idea? I think that's funny. Love ya!

meag said...

oh i miss you too. but soon soon you will be here visiting me + 1. ave still gets cuter every day. thats not fair. miss and loves