Sunday, August 16, 2009

wow...its been a while.

okay, so it's been over a month since my last update and i am way behind on everything thats been going on this summer (which is coming to an end way too quickly might i add), the internets been crazy at our place and we've been busy. avery is over 7 months old, we've been to a few family reunions, meag and i put on a volleyball camp, had a little sisters trip and tomorrow we're leaving bright and early for a week long back-packing trip/ weekend at a cabin. we're taking little miss avery with us due to the fact that she won't take a bottle so it should be quite the adventure to say the least. wish us luck. promise i'll get this blog back up and running when i get back. until then... goodnight


Lauren Tatton said...

Good luck back packing that will be an adventure! I cant wait to see all the picture's!!

Chris and Kristen said...

Have fun on your trip and good luck with Ave!