Saturday, May 2, 2009


just got back from our saturday session of stake conference. it was nice. elder dallin h. oaks was here. i love listening to apostles when they speak to smaller congregations. it always seems so personal. i had the husband take some notes while i was out with the babe... she was a jabber mouth tonight.

here's a few little things i learned.

- do your best and it will all work out... whether your in school, just graduated or a new mom, etc.. it all works out.
-his hardest financial times came the first two years after he graduated from law school (well thats just great). But he said the happiest times of our lives come when we have little. during those times we grow closer to the gospel and to our spouses and families.
-dont expect life to be fair or easy, expect it to be possible with the help of the Lord.
-hang on to the gospel!! no matter what circumstances you face, you will need the gospel.

yep. i was uplifted. and theres more to come tomorrow.

as for a little avery update.... shes getting bigger believe it or not. i've got myself a healthy little baby. she has her four month (can you believe its been four months) check up on monday. i'm interested to see how big she really is. i think its about time this little girl starts eating solids. i'm always curious whether she will like solids or not so i let her get a little taste of real food every once and a while and she loves it. today she almost took my pumpkin chocolate chip cookie right out of my hand.. maybe i should have let her, i didn't really need another one today anyways. most exciting news is that shes giggling for real now. its my favorite thing. it doesnt happen a ton yet but when it does she sure cracks up.

this is what i got when i walked in to her room today to get her from her morning nap. i love happy babies, especially this one. she was just laying there chillin and talking to herself till i realized she was up. i'm a lucky mom to get to snuggle up to this lovely lady all day long.

thats all for today.


Cindy Lou said...

Melissa she is so cute. I love the thoughts from your stake conference. Hope you are doing well!

Chris and Kristen said...

Avery sure is a cutie pie! She should love solids if she is already reachin for cookies!

deidra said...

I loved Conference. I wanted to talk with you guys after the Saturday session, but we got trapped in our row. The people on both sides of us parked it and had people come over and chat. I was so frustrated!!! We'd love to get together with you guys. (We talked with Bishop & Sis. Cook at dinner before conference, they both had very nice things to say about you guys!)